doudou (doo doo)

as we prepare for the arrival of “ace,” we are getting advice on parenting from people in America and France. French people ask if we know the sex of the baby. They seem shocked that we don’t want to know ahead of time. then tell us the surprise is better. some people then ask when the baby is due. but some jump right to the next question, “do you have a doudou yet?” WHAT!?!? well, apparently this is a huge deal (and they are quite expensive here). the object of affection for your child whether it is a stuffed animal or a blankie is called a doudou. yep, just like doo doo.

so, wanting to be crafty and needing to spend some time to save my sanity, i started a new project. after weeks of trying to find fabric stores and scraps, a friend stepped in. imagine a fabric store full of elderly women and 2 guys wearing nfl t-shirts walking in. one of them being a lineman. it was…interesting.

for my project, i wanted something with character. something that looked as if it had a full life already. something that wouldn’t be the cutest, or the nicest looking. maybe a bit ugly or messy. something that would be loved b/c of what it was.

i do not have access to a sewing machine here. therefore, i decided to start working by hand and spend the time praying for “ace.” who will this person be? what personality will develop? what will be the dreams and hopes of my child? a lot of questions raced in my mind, and i prayed for hours while i worked.

in the words of your granddad, “remember God and Daddy loves you.”


7 responses to “doudou (doo doo)”

  1. Del says :

    well done. everyone needs a doudou. I probably would be a different person today if I had had a doudou.

  2. Dad says :

    Awesome. If you call it doudou that will probably also be ace’s first word 🙂

  3. Mom says :

    I love it! Well done.

  4. allison says :

    my doudou was a pooh. yes, really.

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