not too long ago, i spent 2 years with no a/c. not because i didn’t want it or the temp didn’t warrant it, but because it was not available. i complained. i was hot. i went & bought a crazy industrial fan. one that blew the pillows off our sofa. i sat 2 feet in front of it as much as possible. i complained still.

we moved back to texas and had a record summer with like 100 straight days of triple digit temps. it was ridiculous! i complained. I sat in my a/c closed the windows & complained.

now, it is approaching mid-august & we’ve hit like 10 days of 100+. this is the coolest summer i can remember in texas. and, earlier this evening, i complained.

my son’s bible story tonight was about the israelites walking in the dessert for 40 years. they complained.

as i sat there & thought about this, i felt like a pansy. here i am, things are getting better & i still complain. i kinda pushed reset & decided to be thankful.

leaving my son’s room, i hear the rain outside. rain in august in texas. i go to the living room, draw the curtains, and watch the rain. under a fan. in the a/c.

i do not complain.


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