rex, my dad’s dalmatian, is a beautiful creature. dad has had rex for quite some time & rex has been my dad’s best friend thought a very rough stretch recently. my dad loves that creature. anytime we’d facetime or skype, we’d get to see rex & hear about him. i loved seeing this part of my dad…getting to share it with my kids. i think dad’s love of rex is the reason my kids came to love rex so much. even my son, who at times seems deathly afraid of any non-zoo animal being within eyeshot of him, fell in love with this dog.

there is a park by my dad’s place were he & rex would often visit. one day over thanksgiving, we decided to take a walk. rex walked beside us. though in the later years of his live, he loved being outdoors. he adored the people (especially the children) who came by to meet him & hopefully pet him. people would came from across the park to pet rex & talk to my dad. i remember looking at rex and thinking, “i’m not sure if rex enjoys this more or if dad does?”

there is a decent creek that winds through the park. beside the bridge nearest my dad’s place, there are dozens and dozens of ducks. dad was telling me how much rex loves to splash in this water & chase the ducks. as dad was telling me this, he was laughing & beaming over his spotted friend.

at that moment it hit me clear as a bell. rex loves being a dog.
nobody told him how. he didn’t read a self-help book. he just did it…and did it well.

as i’ve been preparing for this new year, i kept thinking about my dad & rex.

one day i hope i’m as good at being a human as rex is at being a dog. i want to be confident. i want to loving. I want God laughing & beaming over me as i am doing exactly what i am made to do.


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