Pi(e) day

today on the ultimate of pi days, 3.14.15, i realized something about work.

recently, i was thinking about what it means to “work as unto the lord.” most of my life i’ve understood it as “work really hard and even if my boss doesn’t notice, God will…and somehow that will make up for it” or “work as if God is my boss & i can’t get away with anything…so don’t try it.”

so back to pi…

whenever i think of pi, i think of pie. i think most people do (either that or they have a flash back to a recurring nightmare where they forgot to study for a mid-term in school).  when i think of pie, i think of nonnie.

nonnie is my wife’s grandmother. she is one of the most welcoming and easy to love people i’ve ever met. she accepted me as one of the family from the first “here’s my boyfriend” holiday. she loves to serve people & always makes you feel like a guest of honor.

and, she makes pies.

one year, my wife (girlfriend at the time) & her sister spent a week learning the craft. they stayed with nonnie & learned her methods…from scratch. nothing was purchased except in its most primal form. they spent days mixing, rolling, folding, fluffing & baking. the end result was a utopia of pies.

afterward my wife explained the painstaking, detailed, drawn-out process. i remember her saying, “you have to really love someone to make them a pie.”

soon after, we had a family gathering at nonnie’s. which everyone knows means pies. chocolate pie, coconut cream pie & my favorite, lemon meringue pie. there are always so many pies. too many pies. and the mind-boggling culture around theses pies…eat what you want, when you want. pie after dinner…pie after lunch…pie for lunch…pie for breakfast. it’s AMAZING!

i remember everyone kinda acting like the pies aren’t there. they are careful not to be the first one in. when my uncle-in-law says, “that’s it, i’m gonna have to get rid of some of that pie.” at this point, everyone dives in…it’s like a bunch of ants scurrying over each other.

at this moment i remember all the work my wife described. all the work that i know has gone into each of these pies. i catch sight of nonnie. she’s standing in the back corner of her kitchen, holding a 1/2 cup of coffee and grinning from ear to ear.

today, on pi day, it dawned on me…

no matter what i am doing, put in the hard work. produce quality. work hard to love people as much as a nonnie pie.


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