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bears, brains, and bonuses

i’ve been promising some new work for a while. so here ya go.

i wanted to make a teddy bear that was misunderstood and cute. kinda scary but not on purpose. well, FAIL. everyone just says it’s ugly.

you should always take a screen cap when skype freezes. you never know when it will be handy. doesn’t my brother make a wonderful zombie?

my friend needed a logo for his photography business. i came up with and idea. drew up a quick sketch and he brought it to life. great job seth.

event poster

logo for musician above

i now give you the floor.


merde de marseille

a few memories of marseille…

bluestars t-shirts

here’s a series of t-shirts i just finished for the Marseille Blue Stars.


the other day, i was sitting with ash-man on my lap and he fell asleep. suzanne went to the gym and us boys just sat there. i was reading a book. ash was sleeping.

a while later he opened his eyes. he began to scream. i turned him around to look at him and he instantly stopped. he grinned. he stared up at me. nothing else happened. nothing else needed to. all was ok.

i’ve been thinking about that moment since. for a while i’d been feeling like i was alone. like God wasn’t around. like he was taking a holiday. this day i was reminded. just because i can’t see God, doesn’t mean he isn’t there. just like my son cried out when he needed to see me. i needed to cry out to see God.

galen through my eyes

so, my friend galen asked to have an illustration of himself. he had some strange guidlines.

lemme know whar you think…

Blue Stars #68 – the SED

i just finished a new project. i wanted to try something new and i think it turned out pretty good.

  • 40cm x 80cm linen canvas
  • marker

the first 3 shots show the progression. the last one is a larger shot of the completed piece…

well, let me hear your thoughts.

doudou (doo doo)

as we prepare for the arrival of “ace,” we are getting advice on parenting from people in America and France. French people ask if we know the sex of the baby. They seem shocked that we don’t want to know ahead of time. then tell us the surprise is better. some people then ask when the baby is due. but some jump right to the next question, “do you have a doudou yet?” WHAT!?!? well, apparently this is a huge deal (and they are quite expensive here). the object of affection for your child whether it is a stuffed animal or a blankie is called a doudou. yep, just like doo doo.

so, wanting to be crafty and needing to spend some time to save my sanity, i started a new project. after weeks of trying to find fabric stores and scraps, a friend stepped in. imagine a fabric store full of elderly women and 2 guys wearing nfl t-shirts walking in. one of them being a lineman. it was…interesting.

for my project, i wanted something with character. something that looked as if it had a full life already. something that wouldn’t be the cutest, or the nicest looking. maybe a bit ugly or messy. something that would be loved b/c of what it was.

i do not have access to a sewing machine here. therefore, i decided to start working by hand and spend the time praying for “ace.” who will this person be? what personality will develop? what will be the dreams and hopes of my child? a lot of questions raced in my mind, and i prayed for hours while i worked.

in the words of your granddad, “remember God and Daddy loves you.”


as most of you know, i’ve been living in france for over a year now. well, this past week i’ve been vacationing in italy. AWESOME! i’ve seen a lot of amazing art and architecture. walked miles and miles with my pregnant wife. ate a lot amazing food and of course gelato.

yesterday i had one of those moments where something that once seemed complex or abstract just becomes obvious.

as i’ve mentioned previously, my digestive system is a bit quirky. i’ve never been a fan of cheese partly because of the taste and partly because, well let’s face it, it makes ya poo. and it’s not the relaxing “feel good about accomplishing something” poo either.

i’ve spent life drinking a good deal of juice to ensure that things function smoothly (pun intended).

that’s when it dawned on me. the french & italians eat a LOT of cheese.
question: how do they do it?
answer: they drink wine.
after all wine is just fancy juice. and they don’t even really have juice here in italy.

since my company doesn’t allow me to drink wine, i’m eating the cheese and thinking of them in my suffering.