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Psych – Quatro Queso Dos Fritos

Quatro Queso Dos Fritos

the wife and i made these as we prepped for the season premiere of Psych. the sheer awesomeness inspired me to make a logo & poster.
recipe and photos from


Mender of bad soles

Been on a big make things / crafting kick. Decided to make my own shoes.

I wanted minimalism. Fewer seams means less work & less friction. Basically, I wanted a sock I could wear outside.

I’ll walk you through it.

One piece of leather for each shoe.
1 strip of stitching around the shoe.
Not too shabby, eh?


As a 2nd little one has joined our family, i have taken the time to pray for her, hold her and just watch her. I’ve found projects help keep me focused. Especially while praying. Something to keep my hands busy and channel my thoughts.

As i sat and stitched, i wondered who will this little lady grow up to be? What will these beautiful blue eyes see? As i prayed for her future, i fell deeper in love with my little girl.

Today i spent the day workin on what our family has lovingly named “hoot”.

Just like with “wala,” i wanted to have an already loved feel to it. Character that can form over time. I didn’t want the cutest stuffed animal…just one that could be loved for being.

The other day i heard ace say, “wala, i love you just because you’re mine.” it’s a quote from a kids book and that is the message i want my children to understand.


For now sleep well little one, hoot and daddy will be here when you wake.

Build number next

We don’t really have any “grown up” furniture. And what we do have is whatever hand me downs were available at the time. For our anniversary, i built a headboard for the mrs.


Haven’t decided if we’ll stain it or paint it yet.


Coffee table

The next round of Do It Yourself is a coffee table. Wanted one, but had no budget…back to the pallets.



sutler to scallywags

I’ve had a couple people ask for some work in progress shots. So, i’m gonna walk you through the stages of a recently finished illustration for an ultimate team in the dfw area.

The team name is flying dutchmen. they have a pirate theme and wanted something pretty tough looking but cheap to print. instantly i thought of my SED art.

as with any illustration, i start with doodle style pencil sketches. they would be unidentifiable to anyone but myself. they are really just a mental map or visual notes of what could be.

from here, i create a tighter pencil sketch. this is still not in the final style, but it allows others to understand where i’m headed.

now it’s time to hop on the ol’ apple. i pull together what visual references i need, drag some photos of my sketches into photoshop and begin to build what i call a digital sketch.

I then bring this digital sketch into Illustrator and drop the opacity way down.

now that the research and planning are done, it’s time for some fun. i turn the music up and let the mind wander while i click away.

i begin with the basic structure of the skull and add a couple details for reference.

at this point, i decide to toughen up my sketches by adding zombie style eyes. i think just letting them sink back into the skull and be kinda tissuey will hit the mark. i decide to leave out eyeball and retain the skull nature. now i’m thinkin only a wuss pirate would wear an eyepatch with a string holding it on. i mean seriously, how is he supposed to have sword fights while swinging from ropes and dodging pistol shots if he’s got a chintzy little ocular covering? i think hey, let’s hex bolt that sucka on there. that’s what chuck norris would do! (no offense john wayne)

now it’s time to give it some character. i would assume he’s gotten some scars and stuff from these battles so let’s carry that into the bones. after getting the scars, cracks & details worked out, i gave him some hair. yes, i know a skull wouldn’t have scars and hair…but who wants a pretty pirate? (aside from mr depp.)

now it’s time to wrap this thing up. i give him a dutch style sailor hat (i mean they are the flying dutchmen) and cross 2 banged up buccaneer swords behind him.

well, ther’ she beeee…..

that’s pretty much how my process works. it’s pretty close to how i sketched before going digital.

take a sec and let me hear back from you.

i gave birth to a dairy farmer

Dairy MAX, a non-profit affiliated with the National Dairy Council and representing the dairy farmers of Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and southwest Kansas, needed a new face to represent them. They wanted a top-notch illustration and didn’t have much time.

This is when I was contacted. I was given direction and started sketches. After a couple round of revisions, I am proud to introduce Dan the Dairyman.

something that holds books

after returning to the states, we finally settled down. this means purging the storage unit. it was a lot like christmas…only it was regifted stuff back to ourselves.

this presented a small problem. it actually became a large problem in our family. z is bookish. before we left she sold a LOT of books to 1/2 price books. i won’t tell you how much she made…but, if you’ve ever sold them books, your jaw would drop.

so, we have the remainder books. the ones that made the cut.

our little problem

now we need a place to store display these. budget $0. i was given a deadline and the instructions “something that holds books.”

when you are poor, everything seems so much more valuable. when the guy down the street leaves an old rusty toolbox out for the trash, you ask him if you can have it. when you drive past a house that is remodeling, you look at the old doors and say, “wow, those are nice!”

trash can be very impressive.

at work we had hundreds of pallets we couldn’t get rid of.

so, one evening i borrowed my sister-in-law’s truck and claimed a couple.

that green toolbox, yup, that's the one i rescued from the trash

after some planning, a bit of sweat and some sanding…
i turned my $0 budget into “something that holds books.”

front view

side view

well, i’m pretty stoked with how they turned out!

there are 3 for now .i might make a couple more…we’ll see.

lemme know what you think!