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as most of you know, i’ve been living in france for over a year now. well, this past week i’ve been vacationing in italy. AWESOME! i’ve seen a lot of amazing art and architecture. walked miles and miles with my pregnant wife. ate a lot amazing food and of course gelato.

yesterday i had one of those moments where something that once seemed complex or abstract just becomes obvious.

as i’ve mentioned previously, my digestive system is a bit quirky. i’ve never been a fan of cheese partly because of the taste and partly because, well let’s face it, it makes ya poo. and it’s not the relaxing “feel good about accomplishing something” poo either.

i’ve spent life drinking a good deal of juice to ensure that things function smoothly (pun intended).

that’s when it dawned on me. the french & italians eat a LOT of cheese.
question: how do they do it?
answer: they drink wine.
after all wine is just fancy juice. and they don’t even really have juice here in italy.

since my company doesn’t allow me to drink wine, i’m eating the cheese and thinking of them in my suffering.


and the year comes full circle

yes, this is a repost.


It’s alive!!!!!

Suzanne always says thing so well….

Bags and Baguettes is up!  That is where we will be chronicling our time in France.  I will keep this blog up – and Suzanne will keep hers – for our more personal thoughts, but the other one is where we are directing people for ministry-related info.  Hopefully we will also be able to talk about postmodernism and why missions are even needed in Europe as well, so head on over!

also for those interested, i am still alive. at least i think i am. the meds they gave me, including a bobo shot (more on that later), seem to be working…some. the dr. wanted me to be “all better” before we leave. well, i am some better. i think symptom wise i am improving. not as much snot and chunks connected to all the coughing. in fact the coughing has calmed a bit. but, i’m still drained. i can’t be active for very long. by active i mean anything but laying down or sitting. by very long i mean more that 4 hours.

for those of you who didn’t get it…the title of this post is applicable to both topics i just covered. if you don’t get it…just leave a comment. everybody else would love to help 😀

target makes me sick-er

so i’m sick!

nasty drainage, coughin up stuff, shortness of breath, headache and cranky sick.

yesterday i called the dr. and managed to get an appointment. they said they were running ahead of schedule and i should show up early. wow i thought. so, i went to the office. i waited. my name was called only 30 min late. compared to most dr. visits this was early. he kindly checked out my snot and told me i was sick. he then gave me some Rx.

i had a lunch meeting i was now running late for so dropped of my Rx at the target pharmacy on the way. they said it would be 45min till they were filled. i said i’d come back after lunch.

so i met up with a former co-worker and friend. we had a great time catching up. it was really cool seeing how the organization had changed and made progress in some areas.

(if you’ve made it this far, you’ve made it through the “why is he blogging this part”… let’s keep moving)

i have late lunch/early dinner plans as well. i speed off to check on my meds on the way back to the house.

i enter target and talk to the sales clerk. she informs me they didn’t have one of them. so i politely ask, “isn’t that why you have my phone number?” she agreed that it was and then decided to call the “distributor” (prolly another target) and get some there. where do they find these mensa candidates?! she lets me know it will be delivered and i can come back after 6p.

we go to late lunch/early dinner. get back to target at 6:15p. the pharmacy is closed. i talk to customer service. they can’t do anything b/c only the pharmacists have the keys. i leave and tell suzanne. she convinced me to go back in b/c they didn’t tell me they would be closing early. as i pass the sliding door at the entrance i notice a sign that reads “pharmacy hours 9am-9pm  –  new years 9am-5pm.” i think to myself hey! they should still be open.

i approach the guest services desk and let them know the situation.
i tell them the story of the day, what the sign outside says and that the big metal garage door thing is closed. they call the manager on a radio and relay the story. the manager says, “the pharmacy is open.” the guest service specialist replies, “he says the door is closed.” the manager says, “he must be confused the sign says they’re open till 9.” i know what the sign says, that’s why i’m upset. they should be open. but the fact that this prodigy says i must be confused while looking at a huge metal door pushes me over the edge. (did i mention i am sick and cranky?) based on my body language and the fact i might have out loud called the manager a frickin idiot, the guest services go between said, “he’s really upset, can you come deal with this?” the manger approaches pointing to the pharmacy and say, “if the sign says 9, they are open till 9.” i can tell we’ve gained a lot of ground. obviously nobody other than myself has taken the time to go look at the huge metal door you can see from about 1/3 of the store. after a couple of rounds of, “the sign says…the door that has a sign on it is closed…yes, but the sign says…if the door wasn’t closed i wouldn’t have seen that sign…”

so i went back to the house empty handed.

but suzanne…
wow was she hacked. she dropped me off and went back up there. she is the more patient one in the family. she stood there until they would help her. she had them call the pharmacist on duty. had them call everyone else who could possibly get ahold of anyone with a key. when no progress was made she aquired the contact information for the person incharge of the pharmacies at corporate level. i pity that man on the day he reads the letter she will write. he will be scarred. he may need couseling.

well, today i went to pick up my meds. they were there and all is good.

p.s. last time i got medicine filled at target they lost my insurance card. they didn’t want to give me the meds b/c i didn’t have the card…i didn’t have the card b/c you took it to give me the meds…
wow there is a circle thing goin on at target.

p.p.s. the sign says the close at 5pm on new years…just thought i’d remind you.